Hello, firstly thank you for taking a look at my blog! My name is Sophie, I'm in my early 20s and I work in the care industry. While I enjoy my job, my true passion lies in the film and TV industry, both on and off camera. My dream is to have an acting career, yet also do a little writing and directing on the side.

I started my blog in 2018, and I'm also on Twitter, Pinterest and Bloglovin'. My blog mostly consists of book reviews, mental health and lifestyle posts - and very soon, I'll be introducing a 'Creative' section where I will discuss and review both film, TV and theatre... and maybe one day include a couple of short films of my own.

What's with the name?

'Love and Literature' says what it does on the tin. 'Literature' refers to my book reviews, book tags, etc. 'Love' is a little more subjective and refers to the different paths my blog could take, for example 'Love of Literature', 'Self-Love' (i.e. mental health), 'Love of Film/TV'... it just fits well, ok? ;)

Will you review my book?

I'm always open to opportunities to work with individuals and brands. If you'd like me to review your book, please contact me and read my Reviews Policy.

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