30 Random Acts of Kindness

It's 'Random Acts of Kindness Day'! Here's 30 Random Acts of Kindness to provide you with some ideas and inspiration on how to spend the day:

1. Bake something for friends or work colleagues

2. Volunteer

3. Babysit for a friend or neighbour

4. Decorate your village with positivity - leave cute messages and quotes in random places for others to find

5. Buy another person's coffee

6. Invite someone over for a chat and a brew

7. Help to clean up the planet, pick some litter or clear plastic from a beach

8. Smile at a strange

9. Donate items to charity

10. Give someone a surprise gift

11. Give to the food bank

12. Meet up with a lonely elderly person

13. Donate blood

14. Compliment someone

15. Connect with friends or family that you've lost touch with

16. Send 'Thank You' cards to those who deserve them, e.g. the emergency services

17. Adopt an endangered animal

18. If possible, visit your local nursing home

19. If they'd like to, talk to someone sitting alone in a public place

20. Donate money to a charity

21. Stay late at work to help out

22. Offer your seat on public transport

23. Hold the door open for someone

24. Offer to walk a friend or neighbour's dog

25. Leave a positive message online to someone, e.g. on a blog post, social media

26. Give someone a care package to someone who needs it

27. Let your friends and family know that you're available if they need to vent

28. Be kind to the planet - Cycle to work, sort through the recycling, etc.

29. Make conversation with a homeless person

30. Give someone a lift

Have you provided a 'Random Act of Kindness' for someone today? Or received one? Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments below!

Take care, Sophie x

Rolling dough. This image belongs to Wix.

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