'365 Days of Happiness' Book Review *

Updated: Apr 20

Book: 365 Days of Happiness: Because Happiness Is a Piece of Cake!

Author: Jacqueline Pirtle

Genre: Nonfiction, Self Help, Mental Health

Pages: 384

Published: March 2018

*Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of '365 Days of Happiness' in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Kelsey and Jacqueline Pirtle for this opportunity, and also for providing me with the book cover image.


Do you have fun with your own life? How often do you really pay attention and choose things to improve your day? In 365 Days of Happiness, author, energy healer, mindfulness and happiness coach Jacqueline Pirtle has created daily inspirations that help you mindfully work towards living a more vivid experience of daily happiness. Showing that you can put in work to change your life while having fun, the practices are full of whimsy and delight. Through thoughtful, bubbly, cheerful passages, each day teaches you to find happiness, use those sour lemons, and shift yourself into a “high for life” frequency where you can reach happiness anywhere at any time.


When I was contacted by Kelsey of Book Publicity Services and offered a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review, I was ecstatic! A self-help book centred on happiness, mindfulness and self-care sounded perfect for my current situation.

The book provides 365 daily entries designed to be read over a year, each providing either a task, a new perspective, mindful thoughts and/or inspiration for the day. Whether that's to say 'Yes' to new opportunities, journaling or to declutter (both your home and your mind) - each day brings a new nugget of gold to inspire and motivate you to think positively and enjoy the day ahead. Some entries really resonated with me, others not so much - but it's all down to your individuality and what may not work for me, could for you, and vice versa. My only critique is that it became a little repetitive at times but when entries are read as one a day as suggested by the author, this will be less noticeable.

Although I didn't read this book at the suggested pace (for the purpose of this review), I can't wait to read it again over the course of the next 12 months! The idea of reading a new affirmation each day is amazing, each like a puzzle piece to slot into place to build something incredible: Happiness.

Even as I read the words, I smiled. I'm rating this book a 4 out of 5 stars as it's an incredible read that really does encourage happiness and gratitude in the every day.

Thank you again to both Kelsey and Jacqueline for giving me this opportunity.

Take care,

Sophie x

365 Days of Happiness Book Cover. Image provided by Kelsey of Book Publicity Services.

Image provided by Kelsey of Book Publicity Services.

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