50 Self-Care Activities

Updated: Jul 10

This week, with the end of the 'January Blues', I thought I'd produce a list of some self-care activities which you can try when you're feeling upset or need to relax for a while:

1. Read

2. Have a shower/bath

3. Mix up your daily routine

4. Draw

5. Paint

6. Learn a new skill

7. Try a new hobby

8. Watch the sunrise

9. Watch the sunset

10. Journal

11. Clear out and sell old items

12. Declutter your wardrobe

13. Learn a language

14. Take time off from social media

15. Tidy up

16. Allow yourself time to become organised

17. Be mindful

18. Meditate

19. Watch a film

20. Set yourself a weekly goal

21. Colour

22. Have a massage

23. Exercise

24. Do some yoga

25. Deep breathing

26. Go for a run

27. Take a nap

28. Cook a delicious meal

29. Bake some cookies

30. Practice a skincare routine

31. Light some candles

32. Go for a walk

33. Read a blog

34. Watch some funny videos

35. Catch up on your favourite television shows

36. Chat with a friend

37. Organise a day out

38. Cuddle a pet

39. Sign up for volunteering

40. Do some gardening

41. Listen to music

42. Hang up some fairy lights

43. Go for a swim

44. Wrap yourself up in blankets with a cup of tea

45. Read some quotes

46. Buy something new

47. Sit outside in nature

48. Have a good cry

49. Join a support group

50. Lie down and relax

I hope you find some of these useful, and feel free to add your own in the comments below!

Take care,

Sophie x


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