8 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day When You're Single

Anyone else entering Valentine's Day single? I definitely am, yet I'm happy with that. Only, who says that we shouldn't enjoy Valentine's Day as much as the couples? So here's some ideas for what us singles can do to celebrate on February the 14th:

Open a bottomless tub of ice cream


Breakfast in bed

It's a special treat to be served breakfast in bed, and it's not too difficult to recreate the experience for yourself. Stock up on the coffee and pastries, cook 'em quick then jump back under the covers. Just watch out for the toast crumbs!

Visit the Spa

No partner to pamper you? Head on over to the spa for a soothing hot tub experience, a relaxing massage and maybe even treat yourself to a manicure!

Meet up with friends

Know others in the same situation? Organise a meet-up and enjoy time together with friends, enjoy a meal out or wherever you please - who needs relationships?!

Movie Night

Choose your favourite films, grab the popcorn and fizzy drinks and enjoy a cosy evening on the sofa. But maybe avoid 'Love Actually'...


Have an evening off from the cooking - call someone else to do it! (Chinese for me, yum!)

Sugar Rush

Get baking your favourite sugary snacks - cakes, cupcakes, biscuits - why not go full-on Valentine's and have some chocolate-dipped strawberries!

Enjoy the benefits of the Single Life

Today's the day to savour the joys of being single, knowing that you can have that whole desert to yourself, knowing that no one will judge you if you sleep in and no awkward dinners with the in-laws! Spend this time to make the most of it.

However you celebrate Valentine's day, I hope you enjoy it! What are your plans?

Take care,

Sophie x

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