Art Therapy For Mental Health

Updated: Jul 10

Good morning everyone!

I'll be honest, I've had a few 'depression days' this past couple of weeks. Days where my bed is both my best friend and comfort, and sleep being my escape. I've come out of hibernation this week, slowly but surely, and thought I'd spend some time painting.

I haven't attempted painting (or any art really) for ages now, so I wanted to try again. I soon found that it helped a little, hence this post for you all. Anyway, here's some ways that art therapy can help us when we're feeling mentally unwell:

1. Expression - When we don't have the energy for speech, it can feel quite powerful to create something and release those hidden emotions within us through the medium of art.

2. Freedom - The freedom to go wild. It's your own work and there's no judgement or criticism.

3. To process - It can help to process an event or thought, and turn it into something positive.

4. Stress-relief - Splatter that paint on, punch that clay, jump around and dance - whatever art means to you, be creative and improve your mental health.

5. Accomplishment - Hey, you might even create something amazing! And, if nothing else, you've done something productive today.

There we are, just some random thoughts on how art therapy can help mental health. Have you tried art therapy?

Take care and stay safe, Sophie x

Painting. This image belongs to Wix.

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