Autumn Activities | Blogtober Day Four, 2020

It's the fourth day of October! How have you spent Autumn so far?

If you're looking for some fun autumn activities to do this month, you're in luck! I'm hoping to do a few of these activities this month, and maybe they'll inspire you to do the same! Some of these activity ideas should be altered due to Coronavirus and social distancing.

Indoor Activities

- Pumpkin carving

- Watch Halloween films

- Make an autumnal wreath

- Decorate your house for Halloween

- Make some delish autumnal foods

- Drink a pumpkin-spiced latte

- Stock up on that autumnal clothing

- Knit your own scarf

- Bake some autumn goodies

- Drink a hot chocolate

- Light some scented candles

- Do your Halloween makeup

- Have a relaxing bath

- Have a toffee apple

- Read a book by the fire

Outdoor Activities

- Have / Go to a bonfire

- Go to a socially-distanced Halloween festival

- Go apple picking

- Go to a pumpkin patch

- Roast marshmallows

- Have a cosy picnic under the stars

- Go for an autumnal walk/cycle/run

- Rake leaves and take some fun pics

- Take part in local socially-distanced Halloween festivities

- Enjoy a picnic in a park

- Explore the woods

- Meditate in the woods

- Take a moment to observe the autumnal changes

Activities for Families

- Go for a family drive

- Pumpkin carving competition

- Go apple picking / apple bobbing

- Tell spooky stories

- Have a household-only Halloween party

- Have a Halloween-themed buffet

- Make some slime - Bake some Halloween treats - Have a Halloween costume competition

Feel free to add more autumn activity ideas in the comments below! I'd love to hear what you're planning on doing this month!

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Take care and stay safe,

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