Autumn Inspired Instagram Prop Ideas (From a Newbie) | Blogtober Day Eleven, 2020

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Guess who's joined Instagram?

Hint: It's me! (Well, it wasn't going to be the next door neighbour was it!)

I've had a personal Instagram account for years, but I've always been wary of taking the plunge to create an Instagram account for my blog. But as it's one of my October goals, I decided to give it a try.

That's my account below. Give me lil' cheeky follow, if ya fancy! (It's obviously in the VERY early stages!)

Anyway, this post is for the fellow newbies to Insta, or perhaps those who wish to embrace the autumnal aesthetic. After browsing so many Instagram accounts to discover what makes the most beautiful Autumnal picture, I've come to discover that these items give such a warm and cosy feel to your pics.

Instagram Prop Ideas

Clothing Any knitted jumpers, checked jackets, woolly scarves and hats will make a great backdrop to your Insta photos. I've heard new 'shackets' are in season (apparently it's a cross between a shirt and a jacket?!), and they can make an excellent background too. Similarly, throws and blankets (even picnic blankets) can become an easy background. Anything that has an autumnal colour palette (e.g. orange, red, brown) can instantly add that autumn cosiness to a pic.

Home Décor

Many items around the house can easily become an autumn-inspired prop such as candles, fairy lights, wooden baskets, potpourri, etc. A cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate can also look cosy (especially some hot choc at this time of year!).

Nature If you're stuck for ideas, go for a walk outside! Not only do you have the opportunity to snap some nature pics, you could also grab some supplies too! Collect some leaves, conkers and pine cones to add to your pictures. I always find that conkers especially give off that autumnal feel. If you have one nearby, you could also visit a pumpkin patch as that's a perfect place to grab some pictures.

Baking I've been inspired by the GBBO to get baking this year! Any cute cupcakes or apple, cinnamon or pumpkin flavoured treats can become an easy autumnal Insta pic. Home baking gives you the chance to eat some tasty sweets and treats, and also get the gram, win win!

I hope you enjoyed this post, but remember, I'm definitely no expert (Heck, I only joined Insta yesterday!).

What would you add to create the perfect autumn/fall pic?

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Take care and stay safe,

Autumnal Prop Ideas For Instagram Pin

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