Single on Valentine's Day? How I Embrace Being Alone

Valentine's Day, the day where couples celebrate their love for one another. Or, maybe not. Being single on Valentine's Day can be difficult. But, today's post is about how being single can be positive and how I've embraced the single life and being alone. With everyone sharing Valentine's Day gift ideas for boyfriends, girlfriends and partners, those of us who are single can feel a little left out. Whether you've turned to celebrating Galentine's day with the girls, or already started scooping the ice cream, being alone on Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all-bad. For those of us who are single, it can be a difficult time of the year. But it's important to to remember that there are some positives to being alone.

Embracing the Single Life

Why I Embrace Being Single

I've always been single. But that's okay. I've openly expressed my asexuality on my blog before. For those that don't know, asexuality means to feel little or no sexual or romantic attraction to others. Therefore, I've never been interested romantically or sexually to other people. I've never experienced love, or had any desire to. Asexuality is on a spectrum, but for me, I'm feel zero romantic or sexual attraction to others. That's not to say that I wish to be alone. I would enjoy living with others or another person, yet only as friends, and nothing more. While this would appear lonesome to some, it's my sexuality and what I'm comfortable with. Also, to be honest, I'm not driven or encouraged by the idea of families. Having children isn't something that interests me. I'm definitely more career than family-focused and generally prefer the freedom from being single.

The Positives of Being Single on Valentine's Day

There's many positives to being single. For one, I've got so much more time on my hands. I already often feel overwhelmed by the constant need to message or call friends, so to add a relationship onto that, no way! Secondly, I know and trust that I am truly me. It's hard to explain, but I feel that with relationships, many decisions are made together. Whether it's choosing the colour of the wallpaper, deciding what to have for tea, or bigger decisions like where to move out, they're often decided together. With being single, I know that my decisions are solely my own and I have the freedom to choose each path that my life takes. However, like many others, I often compare myself to other people's successes. Yet, it's important to remember that success is not linear, and that is is personal to you. No, I may not have a partner, a family or achieved many 'life events'. Although, I have overcome many personal challenges and I am proud of what I've achieved. I am proud of my space on the internet, I'm proud of overcoming my driving anxiety and I'm proud of almost saving up enough to buy my first house! There's no doubt that I enjoy the freedom of single life, and look forward for the adventures to come. For those that are in relationships, that's okay too! These are just my experiences of asexuality, and my thoughts on being single. Take care and stay safe,

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