Blogtober Round Up | Blogtober Day 31, 2020

Hello there pumpkins!

So, what a whirlwind Blogtober has been! This post is a round up of my posts this month and sharing my highs and lows.

Blogtober has been much harder than I originally thought it would be! You can find a list of all my posts here, but as you can see, there's a few missing towards the end.

It started off really well at the beginning, I had written up many of my posts in advance and it was just a case of scheduling content at the right time. Yet, by the third week, work had called to say they were stretched and needed more staff (thanks Covid!) so I ended up working SO many hours overtime and struggled to keep on top of things. This last week, I've been working the night shifts so writing and scheduling posts became even harder - but I will try to get on them as soon as I can! Promise ;).

In fact, I managed to give you a double-whammy today! My book review for Stuart Turton's The Devil and the Dark Water was published earlier today!

Here's a quick round-up of some of my posts for Blogtober:

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Feel free to check out all of my posts for Blogtober, and you'll find many more!

Despite the mishaps towards the end, I have really enjoyed Blogtober. I've discovered some wonderful bloggers and loved all of the autumnal aesthetics and cosiness that it brings.

I'm spending this weekend updating my blog and generally catching up. I have been contacted regarding some incredible opportunities and ARCs, so keep your eyes peeled! Exciting things are coming! Thank you always for your ongoing support, it honestly means the world.


Take care and stay safe,

Blogtober Round-Up

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