Guest Post: 8 Books With Autumnal Book Covers

Hello everyone! Today is a GUEST POST written by the lovely KayCee at Wonder Struck!

Hi, I’m KayCee and I’m here to talk about a few autumn coloured books. Autumn is chilly, the spooky season is starting and it makes me think of brown, orange, yellow, tan and red colours. Sometimes purple will give me a autumn vibe but it’s towards the end and closer to Halloween time. I’m not a fan of Autumn because that means winter is coming and I hate the colour, but I do love the colours of Autumn. Some of these covers are my favourites, I like the vibe they give off and the colours. Below you will find ----- books that I believe fit what autumn is.

Autumnal Covers

Burn Our Bodies Down by Rory Power

One of the best autumn feeling books I’ve ever seen. It has the colours, all that orange shades, with that dark brown (makes me think of fall leaves.) It has the spooky vibes, the cornfields, the mystery, and I love how it covers half her face. I’ve read this book, it also has that Autumn feel within the pages.

All The Bad Apples by Moira Fowley-Doyle

My favourite Autumn feeling book that I’ve ever read. It’s one that most people don’t talk about and I feel that they should! The book has twist & turns, family drama and mysteries. This cover makes me think of Autumn because of all the shades of red. That and ‘bad apples’ makes me think of poisoned apples. Plus apples is, to me, the second most autumn fruit there is (pumpkin being first.) From the name to the cover to the story within this is one of the best Autumn books there is!

Binti by Nnedi Okorafor This is kinda an off choice for a Autumn book cover choice but hear me out! First there is that classic orange and black cover! Also, this book starts off in a hot country and takes you to space which is cold, and that is what Autumn is! Taking you from summer to winter! This cover has this bright, warm, orange (aka summer) that is being overtaken by the dark space (aka winter). This is also a powerful story about a young girl taking her education into her own hands, it’s perfect for back to school time.

Spectacle by Jodie Lynn Zdrok A murder mystery set in Paris in 1887. Murder mystery is top notch for autumn season, get a hot cocoa, tea, coffee (whatever is your favourite) as diving into a world of danger and suspense is what this season is for! It has that dark red, shadow, spooky man. Fog and black birds! It makes me think of cold foggy days. It’s perfect for those super cold autumn days.

Honourable Mentions

There are so many autumn feeling covers that I love! I may not like the season Autumn, but I do love all of the colours in this branch. The browns, oranges, yellows, tans, and sometimes reds. And I just feel that I wanted to show you them because I just love them. I wanted you to have the joy of seeing all of the autumn colours and vibes that these book covers have! Elizabeth Lim's Unravel The Dusk, has the autumn colours that I love. While Emma Dabriri's Twisted: The Tangled History of Black Hair Culture is a non-fiction so not only are you learning and growing as a person, but it also has a beautiful cover which makes me think of autumn because of the light orange and black shades. Molly Ostertag's The Witch Boy is a LGBTQIA+ read, it has that Halloween feel with magic and finding yourself. Anna-Marie McLemore's Dark and Deepest Red has that late autumn feel to it, the reds and purple create a spooky feel, this is a bit of a weird story so it’s perfect for this time of year!

That is just the tip of my favourite autumnal covers, but these are beautiful, spooky and magical. I don’t like the cooler weather but autumn does give us some of the most gorgeous colours. Please share with us some of your favourite autumn looking or themed books that you’ve loved!

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