Cosy Places To Read | Blogtober Day Sixteen, 2020

Hello! With all this wet and dull weather we're getting lately, I thought I'd write up a little post on finding some cosy places to read. There's nothing like finding that perfect spot to get comfy and begin your fictional adventure.

Of course cosy spots to read changes from person to person, so I'd love to hear where you like to get comfy to read!

Cosy Places To Read

On The Sofa

Getting comfy on the sofa is one of my favourite things! Lighting a few candles, turning down the lights, grabbing a blanket or two and a cup of tea or hot choc! Perfect. Especially when it's raining and the fire is burning, it's honestly so nice!

In Bed If I'm in the right mood (and feeling awake enough), I like to begin my day with reading a quick chapter or two in bed. The sun shines perfectly over my bed and it's lovely to begin the day with a little reading. I also like to read a little in an evening in bed, just before getting some sleep - I find it's a good way to easily get to sleep rather than staring at my phone in bed.

Make your own! Leading on from above, (this sounds super childish!) sometimes for that extra cosy feel, I like to hide under the duvet (it's so toasty warm!) and prop my phone up to use as a dull light. It's SO warm and cosy, and if you're feeling creative, you could add some fairy lights or create your own fort to read in.

In The Bath This one is a little risky for me as I usually read on my Kindle! Yet if you're careful, reading in the bath can be really relaxing! Light a few candles, fill up with bubble bath and soak for a while while escaping on fictional adventures.

In The Café

Well, pre-Covid! I loved going to my local café, ordering a frothy cappuccino and maybe a bite to eat, and then settle down with a good book. I could easily spend 30-60 minutes reading, it's such a cosy atmosphere to read in.

These are my favourite cosy places to read, where do you like to read?

Take care and stay safe,

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