How To Make a Spooky Basket For Halloween | Blogtober Day 24, 2020

I've recently heard of Spooky Baskets, which sound fab! I saw them shared on social media, and instead of trick-or-treating this year, people can put together one of these hamper baskets full of goodies and give them to a friend.

You could fill your spooky basket with a whole range of personalised goodies and give them to friends, family or even your next door neighbour! They're a perfect way to get involved in trick-or-treating yet while remaining safe and socially distant from one another.

Here's a little step-by-step guide on how to make your own Spooky Basket!

Choosing your 'Basket'

From what I've seen, they can be given in a classic decorated small cardboard box, or something a bit fancier - like a wicker basket or a plastic pumpkin! (Although maybe not plastic, because y'know of the environmental impact and all that!).

Lining your Basket Now it's time to get creative! You could decorate the outside of your basket however you please, maybe you'd like to stick spooky stickers on there, paint some ghosts or a pattern - or a funny picture that's personal and unique to you.

Then, line your basket before filling it with treats. You could add a layer of autumnal leaves, or a layer of fake cobwebs to really spook your friends! (Or add real ones for an even better effect! ;P).

Fill Your Basket

So, what to put inside your hamper of treats? Well, you could add:

- Plenty of chocolate - Even more sweets - Cobweb decorations - Creepy eyeballs

- Decorated Cupcakes - Homemade biscuits

- A scented candle

- Some scary jokes

- Personalised items for a friend - List of horror movies to watch - Little Halloween décor items (e.g. mini ghosts) - Little crochet / knitted pumpkins and toadstools - A witch's potion or two

- Some self-care items, e.g. a pamper set - Spiders! - A gift card - Party items, e.g. banners, balloons - A 'Make Your Own Hot Chocolate' set

- A book

There's so many items you could add, just go wild and remember the chocolate!

Finishing Your Basket To finish it off, you could add a couple more cobwebs on top, as well as covering the whole basket in orange and black glitter and confetti. You could add some tissue paper too to give it all some colour!

I can't wait to make one of these this year! What would you put in your Spooky Basket?

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Take care and stay safe,

Pumpkin Basket

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