How To Stop Feeling Like You're Wasting Time During Lockdown

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

'Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.' - Unknown

Anyone else feel like they're wasting their life away during lockdown? Feel like you ought to be more productive and use your time wisely? Here's a few affirmations that I've been using to try and keep these thoughts at bay, and keep my mental health in check:

1. Acceptance In the UK, we've been told that we can only leave the house for food, one daily exercise, or to go to and from work (if you're a key worker). Everyone else has been told to stay at home, to reduce the spread of Covid19 around our communities. Unfortunately, while it isn't ideal - it's what must be done for the sake ourselves, our loved ones and our community.

2. Schedule in productivity It is still possible to be productive at home, e.g. maybe now's your opportunity to work on a home-learning qualification. It may help to schedule out your day, giving yourself strict hours for relaxation and self-care, and also adding in times to be productive. It could be the time to deep clean the house (when was the last time you cleaned behind the wardrobe?), or use this time to help others (e.g. online support chats). Whatever 'productivity' means to you, if you head in that direction and take the first step, then you've accomplished something today.

3. Look on the bright side Hands up if you're go-to excuse has ever been 'I've never had the chance' or 'I've been really busy'! *Cough* I have! *Cough* .Well, unfortunately - not any more. Now's the chance to do all of those things, that for whatever reason, we didn't want to do. For me, I'm going to contact old friends that I've lost touch with over time and see how they're getting on. What's your 'I never had the chance' moment?

4. Thought and reflection The current coronavirus situation is far from ideal, and there's no doubt that it makes you more appreciative of the world around us and dream of how life used to be. Spend a few minutes a day thinking and reflecting on what makes YOU happy so we're all the more grateful when normal life returns - you could even start a gratitude journal if that's your thing.

5. Focus on what you have right now Look around you. Take note of where you are, who is with you, etc. Chances are, you're in a comfortable and safe place right now. Be grateful and thankful of the people around you - Video chat your parents/grandparents, hug your children, wave at passersby on the street. Make someone smile.

I hope you enjoyed today's post, and that it helped brighten your day a little. I'm going to take this moment to say - THANK YOU to our amazing key workers, for every single one of you going out and doing your bit in this fight against Covid19. You're amazing!

Take care and stay safe, Sophie x

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