Magic Spells I Wish I Could Cast | Blogtober Day Fifteen, 2020

We're midway through October, and I'm still going with Blogtober! I've surprised myself there, I must admit!

It also means that Halloween is getting closer, and I'm ready for it! I've bought plenty of candles, thought of some films for my cosy night in, and slowly making my way through my spooky TBR!

But, it's got me thinking of the supernatural, ghosts, witches, etc. and brings the classic question 'If you had a superpower, which superpower would you have?'. But with a Halloween twist!

If you could do magic, what magic spell would you cast?

Many people may answer that they'd like to be invisible, but I don't think I would! Of course it'll be great for little pranks on your enemies but other than that, it's not for me!

To fly on the other hand! That's a bit of me! Imagine flying up in the sky, being able to travel wherever you like! (Although not at the minute, thanks Covid!) Similarly, if you were in a awkward situation, whoosh and you'll be off! Perfect for when my social anxiety kicks in, just fly away hehe.

What if there was a magic spell to give you the ability to read minds, that would be cool! Or would it be more of a curse? It would be amazing to know what your teacher/boss is really thinking, so you could cheat on a test or know how to impress them. But... would you want to know if anyone is thinking something negative about you? Hm, I don't know.

How about an element-based spell, like the ability to conjure water or fire? Instant water fight! Or the best firefighter! Or something that would affect your vision, like night-vision or x-ray vision! The ability to see in the dark would be nice.

Or something that would affect your physicality? Like super strength? I definitely wish I was a little stronger, I'm such a weakling!

Thinking back to Harry Potter, the 'accio' spell would be really cool! To summon items to you would be so helpful.. accio TV remote, accio cuppa tea, accio chocolate! Excellent!

That's some initial thoughts to magic spells I would cast, if I could! I think I'd love to fly most of all!

If you could choose a superpower or a magic spell, what would you choose? I'd love to know your answers!

Take care and stay safe,

A Fire Act Performance

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