New Year Resolutions 2020

Happy New Year!

How did you celebrate the new year? I hope you all had an amazing time with friends, family or celebrating in your own way! I... ended up falling asleep on the sofa, about 11pm. Oops. :P

Yes, it's the 7th of January. Yes, everyone has already posted theirs. But yes, I'm putting my New Year Resolutions for 2020 out there to the world. And, when I say 'world', I mean the 3 or 4 people who just so happen to stumble upon this post. (Hi there, you three people, thank you for being here!).

Moving on, very quickly, here are my resolutions for this year:

1. Be more eco-friendly - I've always been aware of my carbon footprint and what I'm doing, but this year I really want to put more focus into it and start to make some drastic changes to my lifestyle and day-to-day choices to help the planet that bit more.

2. Continue driving - An odd one to follow 'Be more eco-friendly' I know! However, I'd really love to become a paramedic and obviously driving is a necessity for this, so I NEED to get a driving license to do this. Although if I do buy a car of my own, it will be a zero emission car (or as low as I can get it) and ideally electric.

3. To read more - I know I said this one last year, but I didn't act on it too well. So onto 'Round Two' *ding ding*.

4. To focus on this little blog of mine - I'm incredibly proud of my blog. And while I'm changing the design, the layout, the colour scheme and that flippin' logo(!) pretty much every single week, I'm proud to say that I've got myself a wee little bit of the internet and that I've built this place up from nothing. My goal for this year is to increase my 3-4 people who read this blog to... I don't know, 10?! :P No but seriously, I hope to gain a couple more followers across my social media channels and maybe (just maybe!) start a newsletter/email thing.

5. To be more organised - I mean, I'm pretty sure that this is on everyone's resolution list, but I really need to sort this one out! You may have noticed the amount of times I'm constantly announcing on Twitter that I haven't posted due to not finding the time, work commitments, etc. So this year, I'm really going to try to get myself organised, to plan in advance and supply you guys with more content!

6. To engage - For a blogger, I don't do much for engagement and interacting with you guys. I want to read your posts, check out your websites and connect with you on social media. If you're interested, comment below, send me a message, follow on social media, etc. - I don't bite!

7. To reach a couple of milestones - I'm 21 and there's so many milestones that I haven't reached that others have. Not that life is a race or a competition of course, but just for my own personal goals and reasons, I'd quite like to reach them. Whether that's gaining another qualification, passing my driving test, or being promoted at work, I'd just like to do something for myself this year.

8. To NOT read the news so much - Yeah, an odd one, I know. But do you ever feel that some days, your day would be a little better if you didn't read the news? When I'm having a bad mental health day, reading a terrible piece of news can really just make me that bit worse, and can really get me down. So maybe, some days, I just need to avoid it completely for my mental health's sake.

So that's it! Did you achieve your resolutions for 2019? What are your resolutions for this year? Let me know in the comments below!

Take care, Sophie x

Sparkler. This picture belongs to Wix.

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