October Goals | Blogtober Day Two, 2020

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

With a new month, comes new goals...

Those who have been following my blog for a while, would know just how much I love goal-setting and organising! Honestly, I have SO many planners, schedules and to-do lists dotted around my house. Usually I keep my goals written down and tick them off as I go, but this month, I've decided to share them with you!

Here's are my goals that I would like to achieve this month:


Gain 20 more mailing list subscribers - Earlier this year, I started a mailing list which is a chatty-style update of new posts and behind-the-scenes, sent to your inbox just once a week. I'd love to see a few more subscribers join the fam and engage with you more. If you're interested, head over to my homepage and sign up, thank you!

Gain 50 more Twitter followers - Ahh, Twitter. I've been on Twitter for a couple of years but I really struggle to gain followers/friends on there. I've been making a bit more of an effort recently, taking part in comment threads and chats which has definitely helped. I'm finding it a tough one to crack! Be my friend.

Instagram? - Instagram, Instagram, Instagram? Do I, or don't I? I've been mulling this one over for months now. I love books, I love Bookstagram, so why haven't I got one? I'd really like to get started with this, only my pictures wouldn't be great and considering I mostly read digital / e-books then many of my pics would just be the same thing! Do you have a Bookstagram? Comment yours below and I'll check it out.

Improve my SEO & DA - Little fact: I actually enjoy reading up on SEO tips and tricks, and making little changes to my blog. Only trouble is, it rarely makes any difference! DA is something I also find difficult so if anyone has any tips, please let me know in the comments below!


Pass my driving test - I need to have my driving licence to get to work, shopping, etc. I currently wake at 5am (Yes, 5am!!) to get the bus to work, so passing my driving test would mean at least another hour in bed and it would make a huge difference!

Continue saving for a house deposit - I'm in my early 20s and I'm definitely feeling the itch to move out. I'm at the age where I want my own space and I'm eager to begin the next chapter in my life. I'm nearly there with my deposit, and I really hope to reach it my the end of the year! Technically, this one isn't a 'monthly' goal, but it's still something I need to work on.

They're my October goals what are yours? Comment down below and I'll see if I can do anything to help!

Are you taking part in Blogtober this year? I'm looking for guest bloggers so feel free to contact me if this is something you're interested in.

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Take care,

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October Goals, Blogtober Day Two

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