'Something Unusual' Book Review *

Updated: May 24

Book: Something Unusual

Author: Kit Winters

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

Pages: 78 (Kindle)

Published: 7th Feb 2020

My Rating: 3/5 Stars

*Disclaimer: I was given a free copy of 'Something Unusual' in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to Kit and Winter for this opportunity, and also for providing me with the book cover image.


Cilla D'Ponte attracts trouble. Mathias Smith defines it. Considered the black sheep of her family, Cilla left her coven behind in favor of an entirely different world: college. However, there's more in the mortal realm than she suspected, and when a stranger uses dark magic to steal her friends, she'll face anything to get them back. Being a blood-sucking parasite himself, Mathias knows those "friends" aren't good for her; what he doesn't know is why he cares. From the second he witnessed her exploding cinnamon buns, Cilla's mystery had wrapped itself around his mind. No matter how he tries, he can't seem to untangle her from his thoughts. Whether their meeting is destiny or fate has yet to be determined. All we know is the start of something big often comes in little packages...

(Synopsis provided by authors Kit and Winter)


'Something Unusual' is a series prequel that provides a short introductory story to the lives of Mathias and Cilla. It begins as bubbly and friendly Witch Cilla D'Ponte gets herself in a little trouble when her baking doesn't exactly go to plan... Luckily, the mysterious Vampire Mathias Smith was nearby and lends her a hand. Mathias quickly becomes intrigued by Cilla, and questions whether she's mortal or something more. After he learns that her "friends" aren't treating her as well as they should, will he be able to help?

This prequel is written by authors Kit and Winter, under the joint name 'Kit Winters'. This book introduces the two characters and sets them up for further adventures in the future. The characterisation is good, both Cilla and Mathias show their personality and individual characteristics - Cilla is adorable, baking cookies for her classmates and always going out of her way for her friends, while Mathias is cool and mysterious and tries to hide his secret softer side from others. There's some sarcasm and humorous parts from them both too!

The book is structured as a split narrative between the two characters, which offers a great insight into their inner thoughts. 'Something Unusual' is aimed at Young Adult and New Adult readers, yet I feel it may be more Teen/Young Adult due to the topics as it's based around friendships and college. There is however a very small amount of strong language so that's something to consider. While this prequel is definitely short, there's enough to provide the backstory in reparation for Kit Winters' first full length novel 'Something Despairing' which will be released in the future at a later date.

To conclude, this is a great little story if you're interested in fantasy and cute college friendships. It certainly sets the stage for future novels and adventures for Cilla and Mathias. Overall, I'd rate this book as a 3 out of 5 stars as although I did enjoy it, due to the length there isn't enough of a storyline to judge and it may be aimed at a slightly younger audience than intended. However it does provide a wonderful introduction to the two main characters, and I wish Kit Winters the best of luck with their next novel!

Thank you again to Kit and Winter for giving me this opportunity.

Take care,

Sophie x

'Something Unusual' Book Cover, Kit Winters. Image provided by Kit and Winter.

Image provided by Kit and Winter.

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