Sustainable Christmas Present Wrapping Ideas

Updated: Jul 11

Lots of people at the minute are looking into sustainable gift ideas (which is brilliant!), but what about wrapping them up? Wrapping paper tends to contain some plastics and dye, and as a result an awful lot of waste ends up in the landfill at the end of the Christmas season. So, what can we do to reduce waste, be more eco-friendly and sustainable, while also providing a loved one with a thoughtful gift? Think no more. Here's some handy tips to add a more personal touch to your gifts.

Recycled Brown Paper

Cue 'The Sound of Music' soundtrack! But really, I think brown paper with string can appear vintage yet cute, and also so aesthetically pleasing that it'll make your Pinterest followers drool at their screens. If you'd like to add a little colour or Christmas-themed design, there's plenty of shops online that sell a range of themed recycled paper that's sustainable too. What's more, you could draw, paint or even stamp on some extra artwork of your own to add a fun and personal element.

Reusable Fabric

There's lots of companies that sell ethical recycled fabrics that can be used year after year, and you can buy them knowing that you're helping to save the planet. My family has always been careful to save paper - does anyone else's grandparents ask you to open presents carefully to save the wrapping?! You could also use old maps, newspapers, old clothing, tablecloths, etc. there's so much possibility to avoid spending and adding to the landfills.

Say 'No' to Sticky Tape

Not literally. Sticky tape is another one that can be awful for the planet as it's typically made of plastic, luckily it is possible to buy tape that is made from recycled paper and some shops offer tape that is also compostable and biodegradable. Again, for different ways of displaying your creativity you could use hemp twine, old fabrics, etc instead.

Get Creative

Who said you need to spend anything at all? Raid your house for 'bits and bobs' that you could use to spruce up your Christmas gifts. Old card, paints and ribbons, felt tips and pencil crayons, snippets of old pictures and decorations, plants and flowers (though no snipping the head off your family's plant without asking!) could all be great accessories for a gift.

Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to have a more sustainable Christmas, let me know in the comments below of your own tips or if you're going to put any of these ideas into action - I'd love to see them! Tag me in your Twitter or Pinterest posts and I'll take a look!

Take care,

Sophie x

Christmas Present. This picture belongs to Wix.

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