Ten Things That I Love About Autumn

Updated: Jul 11

Autumn is officially here! Yayy!

*sets off party poppers*

It‘s my most favourite season of the year so I decided to list the ten things that I love about Autumn:

1. The Colours

There’s something about the yellows, oranges and browns of Autumn that I absolutely adore. I love early morning and evening autumnal walks, crunching on all of the leaves and being wrapped up warm.

2. Clothes

Ahh, burgundy chunky knitted jumpers are my favourite thing to wear! There are so many cute outfit choices for Autumn and I just can’t wait to get my wardrobe sorted!

3. Food

If you’re like me, then as the colder months begin to approach then the warmer, cosier food comes out! It’s time for homemade soups and stews, not to forget the apple pies!

4. Candles!

Need I say more - I love lighting scented candles and placing diffusers around the house.

5. Cosy nights in

The fellow book bloggers amongst you will know the joys of cuddling up on the sofa or in front of the fire, in soft PJs and blankets with a good book! With colder evenings and darker nights, it’s my favourite time to get snuggled up by the fire.

6. Drinks

Hot chocolates with whipped cream and marshmallows, pumpkin spiced lattes - what’s not to love?

7. Decorations

I love making my house so autumnal - placing candles, hanging wreaths and random decorative objects wherever I can. I am slightly obsessed with Autumn!

8. Baking

Around this time of year and up until December, I feel extra inspired to start baking bread and pies!

9. Bonfires

In the UK, Bonfire Night isn’t too far away and it’s always a wonderful evening of fun and fireworks.

10. Halloween

An evening of spooky films and eating plenty of sweets and chocolate with family is one of my favourite highlights of the season.

What are your favourite things about Autumn/Fall? Feel free to answer and chat in the comments below, the sign up is quick and easy - and I’d love to interact with you all!

Take care,

Sophie x


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