Ten Things To Do on a Rainy Day | Blogtober Day Nineteen, 2020

With some areas in lockdown and the ongoing rainy days that we're having, now more than ever, it's time that we started to look for some more indoor fun and new activities.

Here's a short list of fun activities to do on a rainy day!

Ten Things To Do on a Rainy Day

Gaming I don't know about you, but I've really enjoyed getting back into some old gaming favourites! My family are super competitive so it's been really fun to find some old treasures and play them again. This one can be fun for all of the family and can be done in your pyjamas! Win, win!

Read I'm a book blogger, rain or shine I love to grab a good book and find a cosy spot to read! There's something so relaxing about reading with the rain falling and the fire burning, you could even wrap up warm in a blanket for that extra cosy feeling.

Bake There's so many autumnal treats to bake this season. Why not try baking something new or autumnal like pumpkin or apple pie? Or something simple and delicious like chocolate chip cookies can be a great family activity!

Make a Blanket Fort! I could say this is one for the kids... but hey, we've all got to embrace our inner child at some point! Be creative and build a blanket fort, add some fairy lights, soft cushions and set up a little area to watch the telly or read.


The perfect self-care activity! With the rain gently pattering outside, it's lovely to spend some time soaking in the bath. Grab some bubble bath and a bath bomb, and relax for a while - you've deserved it!

Have a 'Self-Care Day'

Now and again, I love to have a pamper day! A whole day dedicated to feeling fresh and pampered! Take care in your skincare routine, condition your hair, shave your legs, spend some time on yourself today.

Try a New Hobby

During lockdown, I found a new hobby in yoga which I'm enjoying. While the weather isn't great, it could be the ideal time to start a new hobby like painting or creative writing.

Call a Friend

I'm sure we all have a that friend who we've been meaning to speak to in ages? The one where you 'just haven't had chance' to call them back? Message or ring a friend and check up on them, you never know what exciting changes have happened while you've been away.

Family Dining My family have started a competition where we each cook a three course meal and then rate each other a score out of ten, whoever wins overall gets a prize! It's my turn to cook this weekend! *gulp*

Do Something For Others Why not spend some time helping others today? You could make plans to fundraise for a charity or spend a couple of hours volunteering for an online chat support site. This is a lovely way to spend your day, and you'll be helping someone else too!

I hope these gave you some activity ideas for a rainy day! Feel free to comment your ideas in the comments below, I'd love to read them!

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Take care and stay safe,


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