'Terms and Conditions' Book Review

Book: Terms and Conditions Author: Helen J. Darling Genre: Fiction, Self-Discovery Pages: 366 (Kindle) Published: Nov 2019 (UK) My Rating: 2/5 Stars Happy Friday everyone! Today's book review is 'Terms and Conditions' by Helen J. Darling.


After ten lackluster years in a dead-end job, Jane Desmond can’t wait to pursue her enduring ambition of a career in the glittering NYC literary scene. But if her anxious mother won’t stop her constant texting, Jane won’t be able to accomplish anything. To ward off the chronic check-ins, Jane agrees to a selfie a day to prove she’s living the dream. As she struggles to find an apartment and blows critical interviews, her online pics tell a very different tale. Caught up in a web of social lies, she digs herself deeper with every update. While worried she doesn’t have what it takes to make it in the city, and on the verge of calling it quits, she’s scared stiff her family and friends will learn the sad truth. Can Jane get comfortable in her own skin before the deception comes crashing down around her?

(Synopsis from Goodreads - Link)


I find negative reviews very difficult to write. I hate to be critical towards a book, but unfortunately this one wasn't for me. I didn't enjoy the storyline, I found it to be far too repetitive - describing apartment after apartment and job after job. Also, there was only a small story arc, exploring Jane's relationships with her parents and friends and also delving into the effects of social media on mental health. However, I quite liked Darling's writing style - it was very descriptive over what would be small day-to-day tasks yet I enjoyed this element of it as it helps the reader to engage with the character more and discover more about them. 'Terms and Conditions' is the sequel to Jane's 'I'll Know Me When I Find Me' and although the two books focus on the same character of Jane Desmond, I understood the second book without reading the first so it's not necessary to read them in order. Unfortunately though , I didn't connect with the main character - Jane. I found her to be relatively boring (sorry!) and I just didn't feel to engage with her or her situation. Sorry, I really hate to be negative about a book. Quick! To counteract it, I DID like the social media side of the story, I think there was a wonderful message within there! It's very true how social media can be harmful to mental health and this book especially shows how easy it is to pretend that your life is perfect, while everything is falling apart. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but unfortunately this wasn't it. I therefore give this book a rating of two out of five stars... but who knows, you might enjoy it! Take care, Sophie x

'Terms and Conditions', Helen J. Darling

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