The Perfect Autumnal Cosy Night In

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

As the evenings begin to darken, there's nothing that I love more than getting all cosy on the sofa with a good book! And with the amount of rain we're getting here in the UK at the minute, it just adds to the perfect autumnal feel! I'm becoming a little(!) autumn obsessed this year, it'll pass soon - promise! Cheeky link to another Autumn-related post here , anyway here's today's post about what would be my perfect autumnal cosy night in:

I like to start my evenings with a long soak in the bath after an evening meal, with all of the bath bombs and body lotions I can get my hands on! I can genuinely spend 40 minutes or longer in the bath - I just love it!

Then, I get dressed into some super soft pyjamas, grab a couple of blankets and build myself a little blanket fort on the sofa. I'd grab my duvet from upstairs instead if I'm feeling particularly cosy! After that, I create the perfect autumnal atmosphere - lighting a few scented candles and turning the fire up. Stocking up on drinks and snacks are important too - preferably a hot chocolate with plenty of cream and marshmallows! A bowl of crisps, some biscuits or something freshly baked is my perfect evening treat - especially if the Bake Off is on the telly!

My favourite thing to do is to curl up under the blankets and continue with my current read, listening the rain patter on the windows. Some nights, I'd watch a film or have music playing in the background, depending on my mood.

What's your perfect cosy evening in? Share your routines below!

Take care,

Sophie x

The Perfect Autumnal Cosy Night In

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