The Perfect Autumnal Evening | Blogtober Day Thirteen, 2020

At this time of year, evenings are my favourite time of the day! I love curling up on the sofa after a hard day at work or a full day of blogging! I published my autumn evening routine last year, but this time, this is how YOU can create the perfect routine.

The evenings are getting darker and everyone's staying in (thanks Covid!), so it's time to really get cosy for the night! Here's some ideas to get you ready for the perfect cosy night in:

How To Create the Perfect Autumnal Evening Routine


The perfect start to a cosy night is to begin with a bath. Of course, I don't have chance to have a long soak every night but it's nice to have a good soak now and again. I like to add in a bath bomb or two and just forget about everything for a little while. Then, I like to start my evening skincare routine, wash my face and apply some charcoal facial scrub. Now all warm and cosy, I'm ready to collapse on the sofa!


Next up is dressing in the comfiest and softest pyjamas or loungewear that I can find! I prefer a simple top and shorts, maybe a dressing grown too. But you may like to go all out with pyjamas, dressing gown and fluffy socks! Whatever is best for you to create the perfect cosy night!

Lighting the Candles

Before it's time to get comfortable on the sofa, your room of choice needs to get dressed up too! I like to light the fire and a few scented candles too, maybe putting on some music or a bit of telly (GBBO if possible!). You could fill the room with the autumnal smells of cinnamon and pumpkin to create that autumn/fall atmosphere.

Preparing the Drinks and Snacks

What's a cosy night in without some good food? My perfect night would include a hot choc with plenty of cream and marshmallows, and some popcorn or snacks to nibble on. Whether it's a cuppa or some orange juice, sweets or something healthy, stock up on the supplies to create the perfect night.

Choosing an Activity I like put the telly on and maybe catch up on a bit of Bake Off. You may prefer a horror film (not me!), or watching something on a streaming service (there's plenty of choice)! Or, you may prefer nothing at all and to curl up with a good book or just listen to music. However you spend your evening, I hope you manage to relax and enjoy it!

Collapse time!

You've done it! I hope you're feeling refreshed and cosy warm, because now it's time to crash out on the sofa! Grab a blanket (or even your duvet!) for that extra bit of cosiness! I hope you have a fab evening!

How would you create your perfect night in? Share your routine below, I'd love to hear it!

Take care and stay safe,

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