Things To Do During Self-Isolation

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Hello everyone!

How's your week been? Okay, daft question - but I hope you're all okay and keeping safe. If you're looking for some ideas on things to do during self-isolation, then you're in luck! Here's a handy list that I hope will be useful to you:

1. How's that TBR looking? Grab a book at random and give it a try. 2. Bake something new, there does seem to be a banana bread craze... 3. Learn a new recipe 4. Clean the house... I know (!)*rolls eyes*, but this is the perfect opportunity! 5. Have a good ol' clear-out and see what you can give away to charity shops (once they re-open) 6. Turn up the music and dance 7. Try one of the online yoga/exercise videos 8. Need to brush up on geography or politics? Now's the time. 9. Treat yourself to some new comfy clothes 10. Begin Easter preparations - Decorate the house and stock up on the chocolate eggs! 11. Build a fort with the kids 12. Binge-watch that TV series, you deserve it! 13. Get creative: Draw, paint, sculpt... you might discover a new talent! 14. Dust off that old musical instrument hidden at the back of the wardrobe, and give it another try 15. Volunteer 16. See if you can help any of your friends, family or neighbours (within social distancing rules) 17. Catch up online with old friends 18. Write a 'Things I'm Grateful For' note, so you can appreciate them all the more when we're back to normal 19. Read a classic novel. (No really, they are rather good!) 20. Learn a language - who knows, you may speak fluent German when this is all over! 21. Surprise your family with a knitted scarf each! 22. Get dressed up for dinner! Dab a little make-up on, wear something pretty and pretend you're dining room is the new fancy restaurant in town. 23. With shopping becoming more difficult... could this be the start of your own vegetable garden? 24. Have a picnic.... in the garden. 25. Show your appreciation to all the key workers - you go guys!

Hope you enjoyed this little snippet of a post today, stay safe everyone!

Take care, Sophie x

Pottery. This image belongs to Wix.

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