Thoughts on Adulthood

Updated: Jul 11

I’ve received some huge news this week – my best friend of 16 years is pregnant! She’s aged 21, and only six months older than me so it’s perfectly normal (whatever ‘normal’ is) for her to be pregnant, but because she's an old friend it came as quite a surprise.

This got me thinking, after the initial shock had settled, that life shouldn’t be seen as a competition. She’s in a relationship, and I’m not. She’s passed her driving test, while I haven’t. She’s buying her first home, while I’ve only just started considering. I think, as humans, we naturally see competition where there isn’t any.

Life isn’t set out and written for us like a set of rules. Society and past traditions have told us to go to school/university, have a successful job, get married and have children. Only, life isn’t like that. We each have our ups and downs, and we certainly don’t have to follow any path. It’s okay to not go to university, it’s okay to not get married, it’s okay to not have children and it’s okay to do these in whichever order you choose.

We all explore this journey of life at whichever speed we choose, taking whichever direction we fancy. It’s not a competition, and I think we all (including myself) need to remember that. While I haven’t followed my friend’s path, not in the slightest, that doesn’t mean to say that mine is ‘wrong’. I’m simply on a different journey. I think if we all find happiness, then that’s our true goal – who cares how or when we get there. Besides, it all adds up to who we are as a person.

Slightly different post to usual, but I hope it resonates with some. Do you have any thoughts to add?

Take care, Sophie x

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