Turning Twenty One

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Technically, this post should have gone out last week, but I had an important book review to publish :P , so it’s out today instead – woop, woop! It was my twenty first birthday last week! So, on that note I thought that this week I’d just ramble on a little bit about my life leading up to this moment, as it has certainly been quite a ride!

Typically you’d expect this type of post at the end of the year, only with my birthday just gone and soon my work anniversary coming up it seemed quite fitting to do a quick round-up now. These past twelve months have been tough, yet so, so rewarding.

Firstly in July, I started my new job within the healthcare sector and with that came new opportunities, new challenges and most of all, new memories. I’ve pushed myself so hard over this past year in many different areas which for some are easy and everyday tasks, but for me, I have had to fight my anxiety HARD. Whether that’s ringing up for taxis, catching multiple buses a day to and from work, talking with my colleagues, meeting new people, trying to appear ‘professional’ while I’m struggling inside. So many events and challenges have been thrown at me; I’ve had to make decisions solo, work as a team, and once had someone’s life in my hands!

Many events have occurred in my personal life also – particularly this blog! There are just over 150 of you following me on social media! What?! That is honestly incredible and makes me beam from ear to ear thinking about your support and hoping that my journey resonates with or helps you in any way. I had NO idea how much I’d love blogging through both producing content for you lovely lot, but also being inspired to read different genres (historical fiction – my new love! <3), creating my first bullet journal and reading your touching personal messages on my social media.

I’m learning to look forward to the future and fill it with hope, not dread. Over the past twelve months, my anxiety has come a long way and I am proud. I’m also looking into moving out into my very first home so that’s exciting too! This year, I’ve gone from panic attacks and wanting to quit my job from the second I started it, to fighting it and accomplishing far more than I thought I could. For the next twelve months, I’m really hoping to fight depression as hard as the anxiety - especially the emotional numbness part of it!

Take care, Sophie x

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