Reviews Policy

Effective Date: 1st June 2020

Last Updated: 1st June 2020

I am available and more than happy to accept books for review. If you'd like me to review a book,
then please get in touch through my Contact page or email me at .


  • When reviewing books, I express my honest opinion and I cannot guarantee a good or high rating.

  • I have no obligation to finish the book if I'm not enjoying it, and I will inform you of this. 

  • I aim to finish the book with 7-14 days of accepting your book, however I cannot guarantee that this will always occur.

  • Once finished, I will publish the book review on my blog at the date agreed by us both. 

  • I am open to most genres, except supernatural. 

  • My preference is an ebook/Kindle copy of your book. 

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